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Monday, October 29, 2012

Today I'm Naming Name(s): Meet Jeff LeRoux

So who are the people who participate in the truth and crime hidden behind the hoax of "gang stalking"? I'll name one today. Let me introduce Jeff LeRoux Ph.D.,an immoral and unethical psychologist that has worked on government research projects. Yeah, I know I rarely give names for personal reasons...but today is the exception. Mr. Jeffery A. LeRoux, Ph.D. is a participant in the psychological harassment known across the Internet by the hoax name of "gang stalking" I personally witnessed Mr. LeRoux's participation in this crime on several occasions.  Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Jeffery Authur LeRoux's decision from the State Board of Psychology in the link below, and the reasons he surrendered his licence to avoid a hearing. To help better explain what kind of man would participate in the crime and harassment I have been writing about on my blog, Facebook and elsewhere just follow this link: Mr. LeRoux is a man of questionable character who surrendered his license #PSY14268 in 2004, due to sexual misconduct with a patient. No the patient was not me, I was never a patient of his.  I first became aware of Mr. LeRoux and of his surrendered license in spring of 2009. After meeting with LeRoux in 2009, regarding an alleged cultural study, I was so appalled by his conduct that I contacted the State Board of Psychology to report him for violating APA guidelines, but his license had already been surrendered.  A psychologist does not need a license to conduct research, so Mr. LeRoux has been able to practice psychology without a licence for some very important people that conduct research with the U.S. Government and U.S. Military.  His work with government researchers began before 2004 and continued well after his sexual misconduct case. So who would hire a man of such questionable ethics. A friend? A colleague? The government funds unethical and immoral people to further research all the time, so long as the head of the research can vouch for ethics. After all, the U.S. implemented operation Paperclip to bring Nazi brains to U.S. soil for research, didn't they? So trust that what a man or woman does in their personal life means little, so as long as they can produce results in their professional research.   Coincidentally, I sought out and met with LeRoux's boss to report his APA violations, but his boss too is a man of questionable ethics, just not as well documented as LeRoux's. And no, I will not name him at this time. Now what became of poor A.G.?  You don't have to believe me, but as always I am telling the truth...and there is much more of it where this came from...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

V2K: Hearing Voices? (2nd Edition)

"Hello God, was that you?!?"

Imagine yourself in the position of trying to explain what seems absolutely unexplainable. Now imagine the truth you're telling is about the very concerning situation of "hearing voices", when you are a sane person devoid of a mental disorder. What would you do, and what would people think of you? What would you think if someone came to you and said "I hear voices"? What would you do if that person was close to you? The first thing that pops into many a person's mind when someone else makes the claim of "hearing voices" is usually "crazy", or perhaps "delusional". If I told you I hear voices, chances are you would come to the conclusion that I was possibly mentally ill, right? Let's find out.

The use of technology on unwitting individuals to make them "hear voices" is a claim that many Gangstalking websites have made. As everyone knows that sane persons don't hear voices, and hearing voices is the ultimate discrediting factor on an individual's sanity. The claim of hearing voices makes victims stories seem not only incredible but unlikely. Just try and tell someone you hear voices and then see how they look at you, or how fast they move away from you. Go on, try it for fun, if you can keep a straight face.

I hear disembodied voices all the time all around me, that emanate from the inside of my home and car, and from sometimes other places. The voices go directly into my head, and seem to surround me, but I can pinpoint them to a location, such as my radio, overhead speakers and my cell phone. LOL!!!! I'm sure most people have had the same experiences I have just described, where sound travels to you via a receiving device that is then received by your built in receiver, the cochlea.

Most people cannot imagine that any sane person could hear disembodied voices, but I have just explained how any sane person can and does hear disembodied voices via technology everyday. Hearing voices in many cases is accepted and quite normal if we're talking about radios, cell phones and other known technologies. But what about when the source of the voice is not known, and it's origins are not clear? That's where things can get weird.

Of course, surely no one in this day and age would think twice about any device that receives or transmits sound as "magic", "not real", "supernatural" or "out of this world". Most everyone knows that sound can be sent via technology, because we don't live in the Dark Ages, or do we?

Although my personal description of hearing disembodied voices is not uncommon for most people in today's technologically advanced world, because most people use radios, cell phones and the like, but it is the basis for what I am now going to describe as a fairly uncommon occurrence some prefer to call "V2K". What is "V2K" besides another silly Gangstalking term?

"V2K" is the most common moniker given to the type of technology that is said to cause people to "hear voices" when no one else is around. How can anyone possibly hear disembodied voices and not be, well, "crazy"? The answer is easily explained with the proper technology. If no electronic receivers are being used in the homes of alleged "V2K" victims, then the technology would likely have to be ultrasound wave or microwave in nature, as both can induce sound (voices) in or around someone's head without a receiving device. Anyone who keeps up on technology knows that this is true.

Please note, I'm not talking about microwave ovens here, but instead microwaves of the electromagnetic spectrum. Even though microwave ovens use microwaves, I'm not referring to microwave ovens when I'm referring to microwaves. I just wanted to make that clear in case someone is reading this and gets concerned that their microwave oven can speak to them. Hehehe

In December of 2010, I spoke of the plausibility of people hearing voices via certain wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.
After all, sound is only a dispersion of energy across certain wavelengths that are audible to us. This time, I'll explain a bit more than I previously did.

Many Gangstalking websites make claims of victims hearing voices and base this experience on "V2K" technology. "V2K" is supposed to stand for "Voice To Skull", and the technology actually does exist in the form of directed ultrasound sound and directed microwave sound, which are two of the most common types. I'll go a little further on each one here as I write, without getting too technical.

"V2K" is also alleged by Gangstalking websites to be a government code name for the technology to induce sound in someone's head, but that does not change the fact that it sounds less than professional and rather silly to me, but after all isn't that the point of a code name? Code names are supposed to sound silly so that people hearing them don't know what is being referenced and people who repeat the words sound pretty stupid doing so in regular circles. If it was regular terminology it wouldn't be code, right? Still that doesn't mean it isn't a hoax term meant to hide a truth, it also doesn't mean that it isn't a truth term "cloak in dagger".

Rather than argue the validity or absurdity of "V2K" I will just refer to the actual technology itself, directed sound, that has been available for over 40 years, and can induce audible sound in or around someone's head. The technology has been used and researched by and for the military, the field of psychology, business and science. It's in everyday use as you read this even now.

Directed sound can happen in more than one way including the "Microwave Auditory Effect", but I'll come back to that later. Now how does directed sound work?

No receiver other than the human head is needed for directed sound technology to work. Directed sound works by narrowing the path in which a sound wave is set to travel. The sound wave traveling on it's isolated path can be directed with precision to a targeted area. Think of the way a laser pointer works. With a laser pointer, the wavelengths are directed into a path that cuts down dispersion so that the beam can travel in a narrow path, well sound can be made to do the same thing under the proper conditions and wavelengths.

Light waves, sound waves and microwaves are all just frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the size of the wavelengths is the key factor in directed sound, because the wavelengths must be narrow in order for the technology to be effective. Microwaves will be the first plausible explanation I'll cover here for people hearing voices absent a mental disorder.

In 1961, neuropsychologist Allan Frey was engaged in work for General Electric's Advanced Electronics Center, located at Cornell University. General Electric's Advanced Electronics Center conducted research that included many efforts to advance the defense industry. Dr. Allan Frey was a part of some experiments using microwaves at GE's Cornell research facility, and was the first to expound on the properties of microwaves that create distinct sound patterns heard by people within close proximity to devices emitting microwaves. The phenomenon was first noticed in WWII when technicians using radar technology heard distinct patterns of sounds in their heads while working with or in close proximity to radar technology, that was not audible by individuals who were not near the equipment. While conducting microwave phenomenon experiments at Cornell University, DR. Alan Frey published "Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy" based on the research he conducted at General Electric's Advanced Electronics Center. Dr. Frey also published his findings with the American Physiological Society in 1962. Dr. Frey's findings on microwaves have been cited in various publications over the past 50 years.

The results of Dr. Frey's research showed that mammals are affected by certain frequencies of microwave pulses that make the waves audible. The phenomenon is known as the "Frey Effect" or "Microwave Auditory Effect". The "Microwave Auditory Effect" causes buzzing, hissing, clicking, knocking or scratching sounds that are audible to the human ear when a person is in close proximity to microwave emissions. At the time of Dr. Frey's discovery no technology was available to send crystal clear audible words via microwaves, but the possibility was there and it was highly explored in the decades that followed.

Dr. Frey continued his research, and in 1962 published a work on the dangers of microwaves at the cellular level of humans. Dr. Frey had discovered that microwaves could also do serious damage to cells in the proper frequency and duration of intensity. Some side effects of certain microwave frequencies include nausea, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and that's on the mild side. Of the more severe side effects of exposure to microwaves are heat flushes (induced fever), cellular damage and cancer. Even though Dr. Frey's discovery was in it's infancy, and no words were yet sent via microwaves, the possibility was still there to be explored. The dangers of microwaves were documented by the military in several studies, but the true concern in the defense industry was how to use the new information and technology, because a potential "Pandora's box" had been opened. It was postulated that if sound could travel in microwaves, words could be sent as well, and if microwaves could attack cells than a new weapon could exist.
Both possibilities were highly explored and developed and are currently under use today in Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)

After Dr. Frey published work in the Journal of science on the dangers of microwaves to humans he was allegedly discredited for his findings, which is funny because he was only telling the truth. Oh that's right, the truth can be inconvenient to some who want it suppressed. Dr. Frey's findings prove true in many of the Directed Energy Weapons used by the military today. Which use microwaves to attack cells. Hmmmm? Actually, Dr. Frey continued to work on many government sponsored projects, so I don't believe that he was fully discredited in anyway for his findings. Oppenheimer was discredited! Documentation of research conducted by Frey can be found up throughout the 1980's!

In 1973, neuropsychologist Joseph Sharp conducted microwave experiments on himself with the assistance of Mark Grove at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The experiments used microwaves to send voice recordings of the numbers 1 to 10 directory to the craniums of Dr. Sharp and Grove. The sound was audible but not at all clear or human in sound, as reported in the 1975 published work of neuropsychologist Dr. Don Justesen In the American Psychological Journal Volume 30(3) The experiment did not attempt to send full sentences to either Sharp or Grove due to the high levels of radiation it would require and the hazard of exposure over safe limits. So it seems that sending audible microwaves to someone's head has a high safety risk, and the amount of energy required to send words is higher than the pitches, clicks and knocking that are usually associated with audible microwaves. Dr. Sharp later went on to do work with NASA, leaving behind his days as the Chief of the Department of Experimental Psychology and Behavioral Radiology at Walter Reed, so he obviously survived the experiment, for several decades anyhow.

The development of Microwave technology has given way to several types of directed energy weapons in the past few decades including Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Sound (MEDUSA) and the Active Denial System (ADS). Yet microwaves are not the only source of directed sound. Ultrasound is another type of directed sound technology, and the most widely used directed energy type.

The use of ultrasound technology was first used by the U.S Navy and Russian Navy for underwater sonar applications in the 1960's, what else was done early on is not widely known. Ultrasound technology was later developed by a Japanese research company in the 1980s, but was abandoned because of poor sound quality and expense. That was until inventor Elwood G. Norris figured out a way to direct ultrasound waves, and in 1996 his company American Technologies produced and began selling Hypersonic Sound (HSS). Dr. Joseph Pompei solved the problems of the earlier versions of the technology, and in 1998 while working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Pompei developed the "Audio Spotlight" a device used by many museums, shopping plazas and the Walt Disney company The early companies that developed ultrasonic directed sound technology include American Technology Corporation (now the LRAD Corporation) Sennheiser and Mitsubishi Another company producing (HSS) is Parametric Sound. Some of the technology developed by these companies is good at over 100 meters. And then there is DARPA's Sonic Projector.

Ultrasonic technology does not need a receiver, but it does need an unobstructive path in which the sound beam can travel. Ultrasound beams have been in known use over the past two decades in military and commercial applications. Ultrasonic sound at frequencies too high can cause physical ailments such as nausea, fatigue and dizziness as well as effects on cells. So ultrasonic directed sound increases the plausibility of the claims that are made of people "hearing voices" who are absolutely sane, but that doesn't mean that it is the cause, just a highly likely source. I hope this helps to quiet many of the allegations made by Gangstalking websites as the government being the only source of advanced technology. I have written many times before that gang stalking makes money, and requires technology that ANYONE WITH ENOUGH MONEY could easily acquire.

The plausibility does exist that directed sound coming from technology sources using microwaves, ultrasound, or parabolic dishes is the source of the disembodied voices heard by people who claim to suffer from "V2K", but that doesn't mean that there aren't other logical explanations.

Given the fact that not every person is said to be as sensitive to the waves as some other individuals seem to be also gives plausibility to why some hear certain sounds while others cannot. We also live in a world on a grid of interconnected invisible networks that power our digital world. Wifi, cellular networks, radio broadcasts, infrared, satellite radio, satellite cable, cordless phones, bluetooth, car remotes, GPS, wireless controllers etc., are just a few of the devices that have created a web of invisible energy around us. We live in a world that has placed us in the midst of varying waves of the electromagnetic spectrum at almost every moment of everyday. Possibly that level of intense submersion into technology has created a higher sensitivity and adverse health effect than anyone would want us to know. Certain waves effect the body adversely, and many of those frequencies are around us all the time, and are even in use in non lethal weapons used today, this is a scientific fact. If certain frequencies did not effect humans than no weapons using frequencies would exist, and that is also fact. All wireless communications create an invisible grid of varied wavelengths and frequencies of the electromagnet spectrum. What about HAARP? The question is what is the real effect and capability that these invisible grids combined have on us? It isn't like I'll stop using my cell phone or give up wifi over it, but it would be nice to know the truth. Don't you agree?

I myself have experienced sound coming into my home that has been amplified by the acoustics in my home. Vaulted ceilings are notorious for amplifying acoustics. I can't say that for sure what I experienced was "V2K", but at the height of my stalking I was sitting in my living room with someone and we both could hear a man's voice coming into a far part of the room. We walked over to the area and deduced that we were getting noise pollution from a conversation that the recent tenant from across the street was having within his home that was somehow being amplified by those vaulted ceilings. Granted it really didn't make much sense, because the sound was localized in the same area, and was not loud outside the house. The man was usually pretty loud to begin with, and it was his voice. This happened several times over a period of a few months until the family, who were also recent renters, moved out of the neighborhood. I never felt like I heard voices because the sound was isolated, and it was clear that it was someone else having a conversation. I had bigger mysteries to solve at the time so I let that one go. I was already being gangstalked, so hearing some loud ass's voices creating noise pollution in my home, without a direct source, was too small of a concern at the time.

I have described several modern ways that could have a sane person "hearing voices", but what of the people who heard voices long before humans had the technology to harness the power of the electromagnetic spectrum? Joan of Arc heard voices and the Catholic church concurs that the voices she heard were that of Saints. Muhammad heard the voice of Allah, and that is not at all considered to be the experience of a schizophrenic, but one of a true prophet of God. Many prophets have claimed to hear voices. Many people have claimed to have heard the voice of God or saints in the past when there was no technology available to induce voices that was known to man. Is it than plausible that some other source before the technology existed was in existence that had sane humans hearing voices in the past?

The electromagnetic spectrum has been in existence long before humans came along. An ancient person or even a person of about 100 years ago, possibly less, would have been blown away by the technology we have today. People of 200 years ago probably could have been persuaded to believe that sending voices through the air was the work of angels and demons, God and the devil, or any other supernatural phenomenon that their minds could comprehend. People of 50 years ago would have been inclined to say that the voices were possibly supernatural or extraterrestrial, as the idea of Alien beings were creeping into mainstream culture. Of course people of today, depending on who you ask, might be less inclined to believe a disembodied voice is that of God, but more likely aliens, supernatural forces (ghosts), schizophrenia, or advanced government technology.

Although the technology does exist in our present day to induce voices, stories of hearing voices predate all known modern technology. I can shed light on the uses of the electromagnetic spectrum to induce voices and visions (hallucinations) with technology, but what of the time before technology? Yes, there are parts of the spectrum that can induce visual experiences, but thankfully I don't have to give a background on that because no Gangstalking victims have claimed to see things that aren't there, but instead hear what isn't actually physically present.

Hmmm, how does one define physically present? does a voice really need to be attached to a person to exhibit physical presence? Is a wavelength actually a representation of physical presence? Just thought I'd ask.

On a related note I did search for any military reference to "V2K" and "Voice to skull" technology but I found nothing. The term "V2K" may have been on a military site somewhere referring to actual voice to skull technology in existence that is actually quite different from what has been described on Gangstalking websites. Possibly there was a misunderstanding in how microwave and ultrasound technology works to induce sound, and the creators of the hoax Gangstalking websites might have run with inaccurate information. Which is somehow not surprising.

I think the term "V2K" may be derived from what is referred to as "bone induction/bone conduction" amplified sound devices used to conduct sound into the head by vibrating cranial bones. The sound is transmitted and amplified in the ears by vibrating the cranial bones of the individual via receptors attached to the persons headgear. This type of technology is currently used within the military and civilian populous to create crystal clear sound from headsets and the like. It's used in headsets for pilots, law enforcement and in other devices. If you have ever used a good Bluetooth, chances are you have been the proud user of bone conduction technology. Here are two example of civilian use and
And here are two for military use.
I speculate that this might be where the "voice to skull" information came from, because the sound is vibrated into the cranial bones to amplify sound, but it is just my speculation. Bone induction technology is actually decades old. Much of the information on Gangstalking websites is half-baked or just plain wrong to begin with, so it's hard to figure out what most of those websites are speaking on anyway.

Now, although I maintain the plausibility of corporate and government testing of new advances in technology as sources of "V2K", I do not rest my case on any of these facts, because any tech savvy person can build a a laser that can be invisible and burn something or someone up to a couple of yards, a parabolic dish, and a laser sound system that can send sound on an invisible beam of light to a waiting receiving device, all of which can mimic serious government technology. Do some research on homemade engineering projects and see what I mean.

Plus there's always the old walkie talkie, hidden microphone, or baby monitor placed strategically, to make someone hear voices and sounds when no one is around. Still due to the sophistication of the sound being directed in a precise way, so that only one person in an area can allegedly hear it, it decreases the likely chance of some tech savvy tinker or joker being the culprit, but it doesn't close any doors of possibility of that being the case. The government does funds small research projects, and someone in your city/neighborhood could be an evil genius looking to come up with the next big thing that will entice a corporation or the government to give them millions for a working idea or further research.

So the technology is out there to induce voices in someone's head without receivers, and that is a fact that makes victim's claims plausible. I stand by my first writing on the plausibility of "V2K", and my stance that "V2K" is one of the stupidest terms I have ever heard. If this is the kind of knowledge I give away for free what else might I know?

The real question is who would go through the trouble to use microwave or ultrasound technology on unwitting subjects, and what would the full gain be considering all of the psychological, physical and property destruction associated with Gangstalking? As always that will have to wait until another time, as there is a huge reason as to why the who is doing this. This is already written long, and if I write anymore it would be the chapter of a book.

I don't promote conspiracy theories here, and I refuse to ever do that. I only present facts, that present an argument to discredit some of the half-baked and asinine claims made on Gangstalking websites. Maybe if more victims took a logical approach to explaining this crime, instead of spreading half witted information that has been passed through rumor-mills, and lost facts in the process, then maybe people would get that they were telling the truth!!!

If I had not been thrown into the world of Gangstalking by force, I would not be writing this now. Someone wanted me to be a victim (big mistake), and they planted information for me to find about what was done to me in a Professor Moriarty type way (bigger mistake), that came off more like Professor Moron (egregious mistake)! But instead of spreading disinformation I only tell the truth to the public.

Please do your own research if you have any doubts about what I've written here. I am most confident that you will find I have been amply truthful.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Gaslight Effect: The Master Of Induced Delusion In Gangstalking

Gaslighting has been called a covert form of control, which is 100% true.
In the hoax world of truth and lies that is Gangstalking the silly term Gaslighting has often come up to describe psychological harassment. Important tactics used in Gangstalkings have been called Gaslighting. But what is Gaslighting anyway, and how can someone know it when they see it, or when it happens to them?

You can search the web for the term Gaslighting, and still not find any real information on the topic, because it's a made up term that tried to get legitimized into the English lexicon by pranksters and at least one legitimate psychiatrist, Dr. T.L. Dopart. Why would a psychiatrist pick a term like Gaslighting?

In the June 2007 issue of O magazine (Oprah Winfrey's publication) "The Gaslight Effect" appears as an article that can still be found on Oprah's website, but the article misses much. A search on the Internet won't tell you much either, and will relate Gaslighting to psychological or verbal abuse found in toxic relationships or ambient sound. But how did it get started?

Gaslighting is based on a 1944 movie staring Ingrid Bergman called "Gaslight", that involves a husband attempting to drive his wife crazy so that he could get rid of her to protect a secret. The movie is named "Gaslight" because one of the husband's favorite tactics is to mess with the gas lights in the house to dim the lights while his wife is home, and when the wife asks about the lights the husband denies that anything is happening with the lights dimming as if she is delusional The husband attempts to psychologically harass his wife covertly into a mental break down. More information can be obtained from the IMDB database concerning the film if interested.

What the websites on toxic relationships fail to mention is a book alleged to have been written and published in 1994 called "Gaslighting" about the art of revenge to harass people into madness, so the author claims. The book is real, but the publish date might actually be different. The book "Gaslighting" was named after the movie "Gaslight" which is where the term comes from.

There is also a serious published work by Dr. Theodore Dopart published in 1996 that uses the term Gaslighting in reference to the field of psychology and covert manipulation by therapist during psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Though the work of Dr. Theodore Dopart probably has little to do with Gangstalking as a whole (?), I felt it important to mention the use of the term "Gaslighting" by a notable forensic psychiatrist and suicidologist.

Now what does an old black and white film and a revenge book have to do with Gangstalking. Well for one, it tells the age and tastes of the masterminds of Gangstalking, as well as their choices in reading materials, interest in old films and sociopathic tendencies. The movie is from 1944, and outside of film majors, people in the industry and old movie buffs, not that many young people would have seen or heard of the film. Knowledge of a sixty seven year old film staring Ingrid Bergman, without being an old movie buff, industry person or film student would give a average target age group of approximately 60-90 years old! The revenge book is not a mainstream publication, but instead the kind of book that was originally sold in the places that sell anarchist/militia/fight the system type media. Such as Paladin and Loompanics. That tells me that this is not the invention of people in their youth, but it would appeal to people in their youth. No teenager would come up with anything as antiquated as Gaslighting! Antiquated? Hmmmmm...

How Gaslighting relates to Gangstalking is in the use of using stupid and mondain everyday tactics to harass someone. In Gangstalking, people are targeted openly in legal yet immoral ways that are psychological in nature, aside from the illegal ways. Some of them alledged to be covered in the book.

Gaslighting is really a form of serious psychological conditioning. In conditioning the goal is to change behavior by introducing or removing stimuli from the subject's environment. So in the stupid world of made up terminology that is Gang Stalking, Gaslighting fills in for the term generalization by psychological conditioning, where everyday events take on a psychological agenda.

A person is targeted in ways that are meant to attack their sanity and make them doubt themselves. A targeted person might find that they are the subject of a negative gossip campaign or out right lies to their face. So what? Sure this has happened to most people at some point in their lives when they find themselves in the path of a jealous rival or jackass, but being attacked by a jealous rival or jackass is not Gangstalking! Nor is being the object of a bullies harassment necessarily Gangstalking.

Some of the psychological aspects of Gangstalking involve what would seem like routine haters, well just hating, and if that was the case it would be easy to stop, but that isn't the case. It isn't everyday people with grudges. A target might be told that they failed to do something that they were asked to do, or that something that happened around them never happened, and this is done on a repeated basis to the individual and those around the individual. The idea is to make the person doubt themselves and look foolish, delusional or incompetent in the eyes of anyone who matters or is available to watch. This is done to damage credibility.

Now of course It's not new for anyone to be a bitch or a jerk and make things difficult for a person because they don't like them or want what they have, and I think that's what most people think Gangstalking is. However, Gangstalking is not the average everyday office jerk, retched neighbor, or jealous individual acting alone or in a small group to make someone's life a living hell. The cooperation from law enforcement alone is beyond the everyday person, let alone the other things that can occur.

But in order to truly drive someone crazy, undermining their credibility with others is not enough, the target's credibility must be undermined with that individual against themselves as well, which is why psychological conditioning takes place on the broader scale to induce delusion.

A target may always see a certain thing, hear a certain noise, or phrase that in turn is meant to create an association. For example, a victim of Gangstalking tactics might find that certain types of people, events, cars, sounds, or smells are always occurring in their vicinity when in the act of routinely going about their lives without realizing their in the presence of their stalkers. This is done in order to create a psychological association to the object, smell, event, type of person, or sound in the target's mind. The key is that the stimuli that is introduced into the subject's environment must be common, so that after the initial stalking has subsided the target has become sensitized to the stimulus and will continue to be psychologically tormented, because the stimulus is still in their everyday environment, thus creating the generalization.

For more information on conditioning anyone interested can look up John Watson, the father of Behaviorism, and B. F. Skinner. I'm not here to try to teach anyone psychology by going in depth, I'll leave that up to the interested, because nobody wants to read technical stuff, and that is exactly why Ikea has the world's easiest directions for assembly :)

I do want to mention an example of conditioning here though. Now take for example the case of Classical Conditioning and "Little Albert", who was a baby subjected to ridiculous and traumatizing harassment at the hands of psychologist John Watson, in order to prove the point that fear is a learned response. The young baby was introduced to animals that he initially liked, and than the animals were reintroduced with the bang of loud noises in order to create an association between the animals and the startling noise. "Little Albert" was conditioned to expect an adverse reaction from any exposure to the animals that was so ingrained, that he even felt anxiety when a fur coat was given to him, well after the loud banging noise was no longer used to condition him. "Little Albert's" association was based on sensitizing him to the stimulus. "Little Albert" now had a rational but irrational learned response to all things furry (generalization), because he had been frightened so dramatically whenever something furry had been introduced that he expected it to continue.

Allegedly, Little Albert was desensitized to the association between furry animals and the learned anxiety of the expected loud noise. The point of mentioning "Little Albert" here is to show that everyday stimuli can be introduced into a normal healthy person's environment to condition that individual through generalization. That is why targets are so vulnerable to attack. Any person can become a victim of Gangstalking (seriously any person), because the stimuli are present in the everyday environment and presented only to that individual, just as "Little Albert" was the only one affected by the conditioning tailored for him without ever knowing it. That is unless a person is lucky enough to know psychological conditioning when observing it, or being subjected to it

The initial conditioned response is learned by exposure without the subject noticing that it's taking place. The unconscious mind recognizes the correlation between the stimuli and the occurrence, but the conscious mind only recognizes the anxiety or other emotion that is associated with the stimuli, without understanding the direct cause. At least ideally that is how it is suppose to work. A learned response without someone knowing that the learning is taking place or that they have learned to make the association is basically what Gaslighting is. But most people do notice that something is taking place, but the beauty is that only the individual is meant to see it. And since the events take place on a basis regular enough to draw attention to them by the subject, but rare enough to cause attention by others, it makes a person appear to be perceiving events that are not occurring because others miss it. However, the person is not delusional in any way, but overtime the victim is supposed to wonder is it all really happening, and to be driven mad by self doubt, alienation and the ingrained sensitization to stimulus through generalization. Making someone doubt themselves and their sanity is what the goal of the term Gaslighting is all about. Gaslighting is meant to trick the victim into believing a state of Induced delusion. It's the mind game of all mind games. It takes at least 100 people and law enforcement cooperation to pull off a true Gangstalking.

I think it was very stupid and cruel for Dr. Watson to choose a baby, had he really wanted to prove a point he would have got a consenting adult, not an impressionable child. I guess we should all be grateful to the horrific anxiety that was imposed upon "Little Albert" in the name of science, because behaviorism sprang from it. Still we would consider what Watson did in today's world child abuse, psychological harassment and just plain mean. Yet thanks to Noam Chomsky, behaviorism's ideas were scrutinized for neglecting certain aspects of behavior in cognition. If it weren't for the unwitting subject where would most of the advancements in psychology and medicine be? I guess there always has to be a guinea pig, even baby guinea pigs. I'm sure "Little Albert" never had an adverse episode in his life that could be traced to that traumatic time in his infancy (sarcasm). Of course Freud and Piaget might have argue that "Little Albert" had been affected.

Gaslighting is real even if it is based on a silly made up term someone decided to use for the purpose of describing Classical and Operant Conditioning to psychologically harass a person. The tactics used to target people show that the individuals who decided to form Gangstalking are not only very sick but knowledgeable and stupid, and in need of serious mental help. They clearly have certain knowledge that helped create this, and they know somewhat how to use it, and need to be stopped. The use of covert psychological conditioning raises a lot of questions about the individuals behind behind this.

Funny, I came across another old movie once that was suggested on a Gangstalking websites called "Carnival of Souls", which is another very old Black and white film about a woman being followed across the country only to find out it was death that was pursuing her. Hmmm, does the love of using old films as a MO lead to that Hollywood connection I keep mentioning or simply something more personal about the perpetrators? I can only cover one thing at a time and today it is Gaslighting, for the second and last time. I still need to go over all the other fantastic allegations made by the stupid conspiracy sites concerning Gangstalking.

I want to discredit the stupidity of Gangstalking and all it's many forms of propaganda spread out across the Internet as best I can, while I'm around. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and I have no intentions of becoming one anytime soon. I just want to discredit the hoax's lies so that people can know the truth that the hoax is hiding what is true, so that anyone who participates in this sick crime can be charged for breaking state and federal laws.

On a side note I want to mention that college students are often recruited to participate in Gangstalking and Gaslighting. These students are recruited through different means including adds and word of mouth, and in rare cases by professors. In many cases, the students have no idea what the real reason is behind what they have being asked to do, but that is not always the case. I'll cover that later when I start naming names, as some college professors are notorious for using there students so that they can collect data that can be used professionally by themselves or colleagues.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jane's Suicide: What Is Gangstalking?: A Practical Approach To Understanding Gangstalking

Jane's Suicide: What Is Gangstalking?: A Practical Approach To Understanding Gangstalking

What Is Gangstalking?: A Practical Approach To Understanding Gangstalking

Gangstalking is a term that can be typed into any search engine to produce hundreds of results that allege gangstalking is everything from government experimentation to extraterrestrials, and anything you can imagine in between.

Across the Internet many conspiracy sites claim that the U.S. government is behind gangstalking and that it is an experiment to test biological, psychological and high energy weapons on the unwitting public. It has been proven to be fact that the U.S. Government once tested biological (),, psychological ( and high energy ( weapons on unwitting subjects in the U.S. and around the world within the past 60 years, so the claim is not that far fetched.

However, the term gangstalking in itself, and most of the websites related to it are a hoax that is meant to cover up the truth that this has and is happening to many people, most who remain unwitting about what happened to them. It is and has been happening all over the world for some time, at least 25 years in it's current incarnation. This is history repeating itself, but with the aid of technology this time around.

Gangstalking/Gang Stalking, Terror Stalking, Community Harassment, Cause Stalking and Mobbing are all names for the same creation that has and is being tried out on the unwitting public in an effort to "condition" an individual into a more predictable and moldable personality, or weed them out of society all together.

I will refer to "gangstalking" as what it actually is, a form of pure "social control". The idiots that actually carried out the concept of gangstalking picked that name probably because it requires a "ganged" group of individuals on a target to effectively "stalk" someone, and it was probably funny to them at the time, as were the other names they tried before.

Gangstalking is a form of "social control" using the best weapon available---human nature.

In sociology and psychology there is a concept of "a self-fulfilling prophecy" in which a person is treated as they are a certain type of person until such a time comes when that individual actually begins to doubt themselves and believe what others project them to be and eventually take on the role of the projected personality trait, disorder, or illness. A perfectly healthy individual can be manipulated through a "conditioning" or "socialization" process into many different positive and negative social types.

Conditioning can be achieved through "positive reinforcement" (reward system), "punishment" (both negative and positive), and finally negative reinforcement (reward for bad behavior).

Socialization can be best achieved through institutional or peer pressure directed to the subject or to those around the subject that are going to help reshape that individual.

Both conditioning and socialization take place on many levels in societies, from parents and children to jobs and employees and governments and their citizens. Children are conditioned through positive and negative reinforcement, as well as socialization, to obey parents. Employees are socialized to become part of the work environment and are subject to conditioning through positive and negative reinforcement of job performance. Governments condition and socialize their citizens to obey laws that are either justifiable or unjustifiable in order to operate and maintain a nation.

Controlling people is an extremely valuable and indispensable priority, as no government or organization can run smoothly without it. So what does this mean to Gangstalking? Gangstalking involves social conditioning in the form of true conditioning and socialization.

In "social conditioning" experiments people and other animals are trained to do as best as possible what the experimenter(s) wish. At times controls or stimuli are added to the mix of a social experiment in order to manipulate the outcome. A control is just as it sounds, a way of manipulating the end result of an experiment's outcome by means of controlling key factors that would cause unpredictable change. The same holds true in gangstalking, because so much of a victim's enviornment is timed and controlled 24hours a day. Everything from who a person encounters to events that will occur on given days.

A victim's harassment is based on the behavior predictability of the individual. Predicting the behavior of an individual is not easy, and that is the hardest part to account for. That is why "manipulators" in the form of other individuals and situations are added in order to manipulate a victim's behaviors through group interaction, peer pressure and group harassment known in gangstalking as "street theater". The subject is always outnumbered by the individuals manipulating their environment.

Gangstalking is a true "social conditioning experiment" that was based on a hypothesized projection of human behavior.

Each TI/targeted individual, or more correctly termed "controlled subject" is placed in more predictable situations that are easier for the experimenters to monitor, control and accurately analyze. Accuracy is important to any experiment because it is important to the final outcome of understanding or controlling the subject.

It is difficult to predict the behavior of an individual without an in-depth study and the introduction of various stimuli into the subjects environment. Whenever an individual is gangstalked prior information on the target is acquired ahead of time so that the behavior of the individual is known as well as the behavior of the individuals they interact with. "Gangstalking" exploits several aspects of known group behavior, and operant conditioning methods.

When key names of people who actually are active participants in this come out it will all be clear what the intentions are behind Gangstalking, especially given their professions. Gangstalking is not a game and those who participate should pay with their lives 100% as they destroy lives with what they do.

There is an actual human experiment that is going on and it is being masked by hoax names, hoax websites and conspiracy theories. The truth is that something beyond the reach of the rank and file idiots who follow people and introduce the controlled situations to harass individual victims is going on, and what the perpetrators also don't know is that they too are being experimented on. While they are working on victims someone else is watching them and documenting there participation as participants. As in any human subject experiment it is critical to document the subject's reactions as well as the actions of the individuals who are involved.

The FBI told me that they were "watching it". Well, I guess then they should definitely be given something better to do than to spend tax dollars to be entertained by the harassment of others. Still this is done with a higher authority than the FBI.

The CIA told me "you must keep a routine", which I denied, with the exception of going to work, which could not account for every random trip in my day being acquired by strangers.

Unfortunately, conducting a "human experiment" on unwitting subjects, especially when the individual is harmed and when laws are broken and intimidation is used, is illegal. Vandalism, stalking, terrorism, burglary, assault and conspiracy are very much illegal and a huge part of the gangstalking phenomena.

What goes on is absolutely wrong and the reason it flourishes is because a bunch of evil, apathetic and dimwitted individuals are a part of this "social experiment". I wonder how much they will care when they lose something equivalent to what their victims have lost. It's only fair that it should turn out that way.

I'll soon get back into explaining the details of why this is happening to people. I just have to find where I left off. I've been really just trying to make my life workout when I know the effort is futile. I still want to help all of you, and if I can help others not to fall into the trap of becoming a victim or a perpetrator of gangstalking, at least I can leave the world with that much.

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The Death of the 4th Amendment: The Patriotic Act of Gangstalking

I have covered a lot here about gangstalking and how it applies to what happened to me. Today, I want to explore a correlation between gangstalking and the US Patriot Act.

I have often stated my dislike of the Patriot Act, but I have never really gone into detail as to why I have an issue with it. Today I will say why.

When someone is gangstalked it is said that their name ends up on "lists". Lists that allow things to occur in a person's life that are not ordinary and are meant to destroy a person's life. The tricky part is how people end up on "lists"

True enough, someone could make a lot of false reports to various agencies that in turn would be forced to check on the accuser's lies against innocent people. True enough, any jerk with a big enough grudge and a sick enough mind could call the authorities and make false reports to any number of social/political/law enforcement agencies that could open various investigations. All this being true, what does this mean to gangstalking.

In my case, my place on someone's radar goes all the way to the federal level and that's fact. The FBI was expecting me.

People can balk at this so called cause stalking, gangstalking, community harassment or conspiracy, but the truth is that this truly does happen to people, a lot of whom are innocent, but that innocents is covered with lies.

What happened to me did not happen over night, nor was I a random target. I'm not a felon and I have no criminal record. I have no history of violence or mental illness, and I am not currently or have I ever been mentally ill. So, that should automatically eliminate me from several " list" that might cause a person to be investigated/watched/gangstalked, right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. A person does not have to ever do a thing wrong in order to be hunted by someone who wants their life.

One way for an innocent person to end up on a " list" is through a completely unrelated investigation, that has been made possible in recent times by the US Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act gave absurd legitimate abuse of power where it did not exist before. The Patriot Act at face claims to protect America and it's citizens from terrorists period. The USA Patriot Act is actually an acronym that stands for "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism.

On it's face, the Patriot Act seems pretty straight forward, but it has several loopholes. The Patriot Act states that its mission is to discover foreign threats and individual foreign targets plotting to compromise the security and safety of America by neutralizing the threats. The Patriot Act is supposed to protect Americans not open a police state where private citizens are monitored. Unfortunately, that was what the Patriot Act allowed as a loophole in a beautiful little document called a National Security Letter, better known as an NSL.

Prior to the US Patriot Act the rules of surveillance on private US citizens could be manipulated to open investigations, but a court procedure was still usually involved. When pre Patriot Act surveillance on a private citizen was needed, without notifying said citizen (post Hoover administration), the approval sometimes went through a special court using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) established in 1978.

Like the Patriot Act, FISA was centered on foreign threats to the US, with one difference, private citizens were openly included if suspected as a threat to national security. The Patriot Act gave the power to open an investigation against a private US citizen without a court procedure. This new non regulated procedure created an abuse of the document known as an NSL.

The NSL gave power to the FBI to issue letters, and phone calls promising to produce letters at a later time, in an effort to procure information on any targeted individual without a need to notify the individual or a court of the request. The National Security letter was so abused by the FBI after the Patriot Act was established that an investigation into the abuses of NSLs by the FBI was launched by the Justice Department's Inspector General. The Inspector Generals investigation found NSL power was seriously abused by the FBI.

What does that have to do with gangstalking? Well it will definitely get an innocent person on a " list" and investigated in an instant. FBI agents are not always as big as the badges they carry, if you understand what I'm saying.

Here is one way how a National Security Letter (NSL) works. The FBI gets a tip or other reason to go on a "fishing expedition", which is fine if a specific/right target was established, but the FBI issues an NSL because they don't always know if they have a legitimate target or not. Think of an NSL as a fishing net being dragged through the ocean. If you drag a big enough net through the water you are bound to catch something more than the fish you are after. No legitimacy other than a bare hunch is required to open a "full" investigation into an innocent person's life using an NSL.

The most important part of the NSL is that it provides complete secrecy of the information requested about a group or individuals, because the company or person the letter is given to has to adhere to a "gag order". The NSL "gag order" makes it a federal crime punishable in prison for anyone to ever tell that they have been given an NSL.

If an NSL is served to a company like AT&T, Google, Facebook, Verizon, AOL or MySpace requesting records that's one thing, because most people don't personally interact with the Verizon, Google, MySpace, AT&T, AOL or Facebook teams. However, that doesn't make it legitimate or mean that the company has to provide the information requested, because an NSL is not an order. Most companies will willing comply with an NSL request, because it is information not detrimental to their operations in most cases.

Any company or individual receiving an NSL has the right to challenge the request being made, because it is not an official order issued by a judge, but a letter of request from an agency. If a person or business refuses an NSL request, than the agency making the NSL request would have to obtain a court order. But how many people are going to deny the federal government any requests for information, or question the legitimacy of the request made? My guess is very few.

All NSL requests come with a "gag order" forbidding any individual who receives one from speaking to anyone about the request. The "gag order" may have left many who received NSL requests from federal agencies, like the FBI, with questions about their rights and no one to turn to, because they are required under federal law not to talk about it.

A person or company receiving an NSL has the right to consult an attorney before carrying out the request, but not the right to talk about the request, unless the "gag order" is lifted by a judge. So what an NSL boils down to is a warrantless search, and a breach of the US Constitution (read 4th amendment).
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) seems to also see the US Patriot Act as a document in need of serious revisions for it's violations against American citizens.

Now imagine an NSL being served to a small place like someone's job, doctor's office, or the administration of someone's school, where this person interacts on a personal basis regularly. Now imagine what thoughts and suspicions would transpire at a person's job or school if this happened. Remember that neither the NSL or the agency delivering the request will tell why the information is needed, or nature of the investigation. So, depending on the intelligence of the person receiving the request it will be honored, and the worst case scenario will probably be conjured to mind by the receiver of the request. Imagine what damage a federal agent asking questions about a person would cause if that person was truly innocent.

Everybody knows that if the FBI comes looking for someone it usually isn't just for shits and giggles. And the truth can never be known by the NSL receiver, because they are forbidden by law from inquiring with the person under investigation, or anyone not a legitimate party to the request made for information.

The increase in suspicion alone could account for why gangstalking victims find it difficult to get assistance. If co workers, neighbors landlords and employees at establishments that are frequented by the victim think the victim is a criminal, than that would explain the coldness and withdrawal that gangstalking victims experience from others. Explaining the change in attitude that occurs in the people around gangstalking victims is critical, because it often has no clear reason. Especially if the victim is like me, and keeps up no trouble with anyone.

Now once a full investigation is opened on a person that person's name and information will go on a"list". This now means that any and all information about that person will be compiled. Everything from who that person knows, and where that person goes, what banks they use and how much money is in there accounts, as well as medical records will be compiled. The report will also cover who family and friends are, and if need be spying on them also to get to the suspect.
A full investigation also includes monitoring mail, and all communications. There is no limit on information gathering in a full investigation especially with an NSL.

During an investigation a dossier will be kept up on that person for as long as it takes to close the investigation, even if it turns out to be a false lead based on bogus information. As long as the person being investigated is of interest, there is no time limit depending on the crime in question, and all records are kept indefinitely, even when the wrong person was investigated. The least they could do is destroy dossiers on innocent people, but once of interest always of interest.

So, if a full investigation is launched against an individual or a group by a federal agency that means access will be granted be it by court order or request. In gangstalking many victims report that there homes are entered but nothing is taken. It might be possible that they were let in by a landlord who wanted to cooperate with an investigation, or a skilled citizen informant, which would require moving things, but not taking valuables. There is always a way into a persons home for a federal law enforcement agency, even passed locked doors and alarm systems.

The victim might even unknowingly let in an investigator who is undercover as a repair person for a utility (cable/gas/electric/phone) a sales person, or through the acceptance of a gift service. Once inside the residence, an agent gets the chance to look around without a warrant or tipping off the suspect. Once in a person's home, certain investigative tools can be used or left behind for monitoring. This is not my wild imagination, but a practice that is common to investigations. I've been at the bureau and seen the costumes on agents first hand.

There are several ways a person can end up on a "list" secured with an NSL without being the intended target as well. Let's say you use a public computer (Internet cafe, library, dorm etc) to check your email one day, and on the same day someone else after or before you uses the same computer to visit a website of interest to the FBI (or other federal agency). The website could be considered anti American, and that person made an anonymous post with what was considered to be terrorist views to that particular website. The FBI could in turn issue an NSL to request that the business release all server information that would reveal who was using that computer or using the network. The requested information will not necessarily reveal the anonymous individual who was on the computer just before or after you, but it will reveal that you were there (and possibly everyone else who was there that time of day) and now you would be considered a suspect/person of interest. That's one way to end up on a " list" when you have done absolutely nothing wrong.

Another way might be to have friends and family who live outside of the US, as most people do. The US Patriot Act, along with other US National Security agencies gives the power to monitor any and all communications as long as one of the parties is outside of the US, with or without a secure threat of terrorism. For example, say a US citizen IMs or calls their brother who lives in the middle east on a regular basis. Say the brother in the middle east has a neighbor they talk to who is not part of a terrorist group, but a guy the brother's neighbor works with and talks to regularly is alleged to be a member of an anti American terrorist group. The suspicion is enough to go fishing/monitor everyone involved to see if the co worker talks to the neighbor, and the neighbor talks to the brother, who in turn talks to his brother living in the US about anything terror related. What any of these people actually are talking about is irrelevant, because what they "might" be talking about is relevant. That scenario brings the National Security Agency (NSA) to mind more so than the CIA. Now that's what I would call paranoia, but it's called an investigation in certain circles.

I'm just telling you some ways that an innocent person can end up on a US government " list" that can then in turn lead to 24hour surveillance as described in some accounts of gangstalking (Including mine), where a victim is pursued all day everyday without any logical reason, because they have committed no crime. Private citizens are also used in gangstalking and the use of private citizens in investigations is not new.

As always I encourage all interested to do their own research and not just take my word for it. But as a victim and researcher, I am more than qualified to speak on this than are a lot of people. I am not a "conspiracy theorist", but a first hand witness.

My philosophy stands as "there is always a logical explanation". I have yet to read any conspiracy theory strong enough to prevent me from debunking it. A conspiracy is merely a bunch of facts without a nexus. I sell no conspiracies here because I have the Nexus. I just haven't given it all up yet. I won't until it is advantageous for me to do so.

It's very interesting that many of the first rampant accounts of what is describers as serious stalking by multiple people goes back to about 1996 here in the US.

For me, my stalking was established over a period of years, and hit it's peak for just a few years. I don't get stalked in an obvious fashion by the same or different people anymore. I am still under surveillance from time to time, and the only reason I know this is because someone wants me to know. I have no other means of knowing when I'm being surveilled over my cell phone, in my car or otherwise unless they let me know. I guess this is how it felt to live under Russia's KGB or Hoover's FBI. Bush's America, God bless it with the help it needs.

I often found that the idea was to have me know I was under surveillance to mess with me the way cats do with their prey. Cats love to torture, maim and harass their victims before either killing them or letting them go. Gangstalking is called a game for good reason, as it is all about toying with every aspect of a person's life with no good reason.

It is possible that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that was how my name ended up on a "list" I could have also more simply been the object of someone's profound hatred and mental instability, who in turn had the ability to get me surveilled and investigated.

The bottom line is that out of all the causes that I have explored in finding out how and why I was targeted and assaulted, this is the most plausible. Yet it still makes no sense to me given what I have experienced.

If I ended up on a "list" because of an NSL information request, a FISA order or any legitimate investigation, that investigation would not have taken years to carry out or years to end, because logically it would have been concluded to be based on false information in a relatively short period. Perhaps I'm putting too much belief in logic.

The length and expense of my stalking over several years, as well as the choice to assault me in the process, leads me to believe that something more than just the Patriot Act and an NSL initiated my stalking, and the stalking of others. Yet a full investigation into my life could have all started this way, with information about me gathered with a hand delivered letter by federal agents or a phone call from federal agents making an NSL request ( without ever providing an actual letter) for my personal information.

The FBI is also notorious for it's use of citizen informants in investigations. This practice is also used by the CIA and police. Citizen informants are often recruited from the civilian populous for their easy access to targets. Many of the citizen informants are co workers, neighbors, and anyone else that law enforcement can trick, manipulate, entice or coerce into spying on someone.

As with all investigations there are rules, even with citizen informants, which means that these people are often bound by law not to speak of their involvement unless called to testify in legal proceedings, and this does not often happen, because citizen informants are frequently asked to do illegal business under the careful watch of law enforcement agencies.

Citizen informants are civilians and therefore have absolutely no access to information about the nature of an investigation and the proper way to conduct an investigation, unless it is given to them. No civilian informant will ever be given full if any information about a target and the reason for any investigation their assistance is used in, because to do so would compromise the entire investigation. Remember "Loose lips sink ships".

Citizen informants have a dual role in investigations. The first role is their easy access to the target because they are already at the jobs or in the neighborhoods of the targets. By using people already around the target the level of suspicion raised by the target is minimized, and it is more likely that the target will not alter their behaviors. Also citizen informants are positioned around a target 24hrs a day already, how convenient is that?Gangstalking also uses citizen informants 24hrs a day. Non civilian spies are still planted around a target, but civilian spies lessen the number of unfamiliar people that start showing up around a target. Gangstalking also uses law enforcement to watch targets. I can't speak for every victim, but I do know that the police were around me way too much.

The second role of citizen informants is to do the job of assisting in an investigation on a target that would be illegal for the law enforcement agency to conduct by law. Citizen informants are private citizens which means that they can spy on targets in ways that law enforcement agencies can not lawfully do. Citizen informants help law enforcement agencies to conduct unlawful investigations on targets period. The methods can mean anything from illegal surveillance to break ins as well as entrapment. Remember that gangstalking victims homes are broken into, but no valuables are ever taken.

I've read on gangstalking sites about victims recounting entrapment, but they call it street theater, because they don't know what it really is. The street theater in gangstalking is meant to provoke a mentally unstable reaction of the victim in front of witnesses or law enforcement so that an arrest or police report can be generated, which is a type of entrapment. I did experience this type of entrapment where I was constantly being placed in extraordinary situations by strangers, only to look around and find police were right there watching and or taking notes. Coincidence?

Citizen informants are not trained investigators but instead individuals who have been given a federal license to be nosy. Law enforcement and federal agencies love the gullible nature of most citizen informants and they take advantage of them every step of the way. Now how many people would be comfortable knowing that someone at their job or in their neighborhood, who had absolutely no training, no real guidelines and no direct supervision, was being asked to say or do things around them, and make serious reports on their activities to police or federal agencies? My guess is not too many people would find that comforting. I'm sure your co workers and neighbors are great, but how great would they be towards you if they thought you committed a crime, and law enforcement flashed badges while asking them to spy on you?

Just because a citizen informant is told not to talk doesn't mean that they will keep quiet, or that they will not be introduced to others citizen informants who are spying on a target. Oh yes, and citizen informants are paid money (unless other arrangements are made) for their services. You didn't think they do it for free did you? Gangstalking uses private citizens to follow targets too. Coincidence? Maybe?

My low profile lifestyle made it very easy for me early on to notice that I was being followed when I was. I don't suppose that that is the case for every victim.

In most parts of the US, If you say your neighbor is selling drugs or molesting children as an anonymous tip that tip has to be investigated, but by who and for how long? Most law enforcement agencies don't have the time or resources to chase false accusations for very long. It would seem that a routine investigation would reveal innocence of the individual, unless gross misconduct was to blame.

It is true that agencies vary from state to state. Investigative agencies exist at the local, state and federal levels, all of which can have overlapping information. In my case, that is exactly what happened.

Police would not take reports on legitimate crimes I tried to report just prior to my assault, and because of the lie given to police I had trouble getting a report after my assault. Federal agents let me know that they were a part of my problem, by letting me know they knew and had no intentions of helping me. My stalking and assault some how does not gel as the product of the US Patriot Act alone or an NSL, but something much more powerful, ignorant and sinister. I made previous mention of the profits being made at my expense, as well as a corporate and Hollywood connections to what happened to me in correlation to being stalked.

The amount of smear that was started against me is usually reserved for "influential people" and/or those who appose "influential people". What I experienced usually happens to politicians, celebrities, people in lawsuits with major corporations, or those who hold trade secrets. To my knowledge none of the aforementioned apply to me.

Yet, suspicions created by the actions of law enforcement requesting information and using civilian spies would undoubtedly start negative propaganda against a target. Any number of conclusions could be drawn by someone being questioned by law enforcement about a target. If the individual being questioned wants to believe the worst about a target they will. It is said that gangstalking victims are often painted by their stalkers as drug dealers, sex offenders, child molesters/abusers, addicts, mentally ill, prostitutes, murders (and the like) within their communities, even when the target has committed no such crimes.

Money was a bigger motivator to my stalkers than anything, and it was the money and business deals that have left me the biggest trails. It is a fact I was investigated, but by whom initially is important, because it did not have to be law enforcement even though it ended with them.

Why would anyone pay a private investigator to follow a person who has no political or high profile ties? Maybe because that person knew information. Information was important to the bottom line. Yet somewhere along the way I pissed off my stalkers royally to the point of them wanting my life, reputation, career and relationships destroyed. They even went the extra step by trying to run me off the road several times and finally assaulting me.

Although I am outspoken, I don't get up on a platform and preach my beliefs and ideas to the world (until now anyway), but that did not stop me from making someone very uncomfortable. I'm not exactly certain what I did or said that made me a threat (I feel I'm pretty harmless), but I do know that the fear of threat grew as I was spied on.

Okay, I do have a general idea as to what I said and did, but it was all harmless really. Someone wanted something from me enough to follow me and spy on me 24hrs a day for several years and somewhere in there I gave them the reason they were looking for. It's said that if you look at anything long enough or hard enough you will find the flaw and if not make one up. If someone was being paid to find something then that is what they are going to do, be it real or created.

Negative propaganda against a target is very much a part of gangstalking activities.
The negative campaign against me made it to my local police department long before I tried to report any crimes, so that no one would believe I had told the truth. Had the police not of been so stupid I may have never been assaulted in the first place. When a woman goes to the police and says she is being followed and would like to file a report, but the police refuse to take a report, the situation screams police cooperation. Every officer I spoke to was more concerned with rather or not I had a boyfriend than if a crime had occurred. I got the impression that the stupid officers I encountered thought I was talking to them because I was attracted to cops and that was the reason, in their minds, why I was at the station so much. I don't think it actually crossed any officer's mind that I was there because I seriously needed police services. Chauvinism and ignorance at its finest.

I have one more body of evidence to lay on the table and autopsy that concerns the why and how this crime chooses victims, but that will have to wait until another time.

I haven't forgot what I have started here when I'm not posting. I don't think anyone really has an idea of what I'm dealing with in my life right now. I'm not here all the time anymore because i'm simply trying to end the reasons that brought me here in the first place. This aside from ending my life.

All I've written since I came here is true. I paid a heavy price for the experience of knowing this information, and I'm not sure what price I will pay for sharing the rest of what I have with others. Truly, that price doesn't matter to me anymore, because I have lost so much already. I still have to give the names of my perpetrators, so that they may be held accountable for what they have done. I'm not their first or only victim, but I think I am the only one of the victims who is strong enough to make them be held accountable for their crimes. My dots have had three years to be connected up. These people will be forced to own up to their deeds, and I'll put my life on the line to do it.

So for the record that is my chief problem with the US Patriot Act. And although there appears to be a lot of strong similarities between an investigation into a person by law enforcement and ganstalking victim's accounts (me included) I will not officially rest my beliefs here.

The correlation between gangstalking and a full investigation by the police or FBI or other agency should not be conclusively drawn at this time, because of the connections to several major corporations. The amount of misconduct, willful neglect and misappropriation of public resources it would take for law enforcement to be the chief players in the crime is staggering, and although available, it does not account for private profits within several major corporations, or does it?

Enough money can mimic a federal investigation if someone has infinite amounts to spend on a private investigation. Why would anyone be willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to investigate private citizens?

That is a question to be answered another time, as it is the main part of the nexus.

No deed goes unseen by God. What was done in the dark is steadfast coming to the light. Facts don't tell lies.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Human Conditioning: Served With A Side Of Hate

Some believe that what I experienced was a hate crime, and it was in a sense. But, no one shouted racial, gender specific, religious or sexual preference epithets at me, for the most part, and no one ever had to. Hate is a very delicate and personal feeling. Hate has no rule other than that the hater must choose something either real or imagined to despise a group or individual. It's all in the mind of the hater.

Famous haters include, but are not limited to, so many diverse groups of seemingly normal people. Normal in itself is abnormal depending on which side of the looking glass one is on. Yet, people are still amazed by hate crimes. The exaggeration in differences real or perceived are always dangerous to those small in mind. Hating others because of their religious choice, gender, culture, ethnicity, speech, education, color, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, attire, physical appearance, disability or advantage is a favorite of the tiny of mind.

Tiny minded, evolve already! Why do the tiny minded continue to flourish and wreak havoc on the world? It has never been about hating the game over the player, as there would be no game without the players. Hate is the sickest game anyone can play yet everyone on one level or another plays into it, just not everyone is willing to go to the extremes of destroying some one's life or full out genocide. Yet, Evey bit of hate hurts.

I came to the Internet to try and expose a crime that does not discriminate in it's victims. I came to the Internet to expose a bunch of depraved people for their actions. The people who assisted in what happened to me were not all just the jerks next door. These people were cops, FBI agents, college professors, government researchers and military, that hid behind everyday people by using other people to assist them. These people are about doing terrible things to people because they can and must.

I am not the only victim of what is known on the Internet by a few names like "gangstalking", but I was a very special target of the crime. I have personally known other victims of this crime, but none of them had entire websites created about them in the name of "gangstalking". I thought that in coming to the Internet and telling people what happened to me I would be making it easier for other victims to come forward and speak up about what happened to them.

Some refer to gangstalking as being a type of bullying, but it's not really that innocent. Bullying is much safer. Gangstalking victims are rarely harassed by the same individuals, and red flag words are rarely spoken to people who are victims, in the form of harassment. No one will break any laws that are obvious in attacking a victim until no one believes that a crime is taking place. When no one believes the victim is when he/she becomes the most vulnerable.

Victims are often harassed mentally and physically in strange ways that accumulate over time. Some victims have had their homes and cars broken into, but items taken are too petty to involve a serious investigation by law enforcement, because nothing of value is rarely taken and no signs of forced entry exists. The perpetrators often have keys or lock picking equipment. Alarms also don't help, because they aren't regular people. If a victim calls the police to report a break in the police are going to come out, but when they arrive and find out that there are no signs of forced entry and the only items missing are small items that could be misplaced like a document, TV remote and silverware then the cops are going to say the victim is crazy!

Now, the victims didn't lie, and they did exactly what the criminals wanted them to do, which was to make themselves look like an ass. The criminals come back several times to do the same spontaneous debauchery by breaking into the victims home to steal all their staples or finish taking their last silverware, and in doing so, leave the victim to know that they have entered their home and their isn't shit that can be done. If the victim has been worried enough to continue to call the authorities, then their screwed, because now they seem like a paranoid nut who obviously needs help but is doing it for the attention. That's just one psychological game that is played in gangstalking, but their are many more. Once the victim knows that they are not safe in their own home and that the police will not assist the real crimes begin.

I'm sure that people read what I write and say hey this chic is either really creative or really psycho, but everything I write is based on facts and truths, I will tell no lies on this, so help me God.

Their is another technique used in gangstalking that is called "gaslighting", that takes it's name from a 1940's film of the same name. The technique is used to make a victim doubt themselves and believe they are crazy. The techniques of gangstalking are so stupid that they obviously were thought of by very intelligent idiots. Yes, these people are intelligent but they are also morons.

First rule of mental instability/insanity is that crazy people never think they are crazy, just like drug addicts and alcoholics never think they have a problem. If a person begins to think that what they are experiencing is a sign that they are gaining a mental illness, chances are they are not mentally ill. But, in gaslighting the goal is to do just that by "conditioning" a victim to fear and doubt. Victims may be followed by certain cars of certain colors at certain times of the day when a victim is alone the most. If a victim stops being alone and tries to show someone else the cars will stop and change to a different schedule or shade. All of this is childish but it is meant to make the victim wonder because, they have no idea why they are being followed or why anyone is repeatedly following them everywhere they go and the police won't help. And, still there are many many more techniques used that are just as effective for "conditioning" some just as asinine, while others are life threatening. Some victims, including myself, have had attempts on their lives.

I wonder if any of this is actually getting through to people or if all this is a waste of time. This can happen to anyone at anytime because no victim has been believed, or most give up the fight out of shame and ridicule. I'm not a shy person, nor have I ever been, and I don't plan to back down from standing up against people who abuse power to play games that destroy families and lives. People have committed suicide over these psychological and physical attacks, because they can continue for years. It is a perfect crime, if the criminals can remain anonymous. In my case the only anonymous individuals are the ones I haven't named. I know who conspired against me, and they think I'm too scared or embarrassed to tell. Yet, I only get one chance to finger them and my evidence had better be 100%, as their credibility alone could blow me out the waters.

If someone turns in a cop that is crooked without proper evidence, who will believe the allegations? Report a doctor for misconduct without enough evidence and what will be done? Blow the whistle on a crooked politician, but what will it matter without evidence? There is no shortage of crooked people in the world. There is only a shortage of people who are willing to believe that these people are doing wrong in the first place. The deeds of the wicked are always seen and heard, but the reports of such deeds are often overlooked based on status or fear. People are always reporting high crimes, abuses of power and misconduct but who listens when the perpetrator is in a status of power. That is a concept that people, regardless of where they live in the world should understand. For example, look how long it took the world to believe that molestation of young boys in the Catholic Church by Catholic priest was a problem? If it was not for the media, Internet and the access to information today, the Catholic Church would have continued to hide the truth as they had done for centuries.

Information is power, and all I have done here is provide information that is based in fact and truth that was meant to empower others. Anyone who has or will ever take the time to read my wall will be better off for it, because of the information here. My campaign has always been to enlighten people by exposing the truths hidden in the dark. What happened to me takes place all over the world. People abuse power everyday, and many more people suffer for it. In every country across the globe people are denied rights, protections and freedoms at the hands of those who abuse the powers they wield.

I live in a country that is so prized the world round for the democracy, freedom and opportunities given to, not only it's citizens, but to those who set foot on it's land. People come to the United Stated from all over the world for the wonderful gifts of free education, religious freedom, freedom of expression, employment, housing etc. No where else in the world can an individual come into a foreign country with nothing more than the clothes on their back and be faced with such opportunities. Yet, at the same time such freedoms have a price, and the United States has a history of certain behaviors.

I have not read much of the documents from the Wiki Leaks scandal involving U.S. wires, but what I have read seems to be calculated in it's release to the public. The Wiki Leaks I have read involve leaders of non U.S. countries and territories asking the U.S. for backroom deals against nations that these non U.S. leaders oppose, and the U.S. has declined such backroom assistance, but the U.S. has also had a mysterious breach in security that has let hundreds of incriminating cable wires loose into the information arena. Those incriminating cable wires put the truth into light about how smaller nations wish to use the U.S. as "Big Brother" to protect their "ass"ets, but also how these smaller nations want to keep face and not start wars they aren't prepared to fight without "Big Brother".

Now, other nations know the true thoughts of their foes, and now decisions have to be made based on those truths. It was kind of like going to the most popular and influential person in the room and telling them how much you hate someone else in the room, then another person does the same and so on, then when that influential and powerful person spills the beans, everyone is shocked at what the other has said and anger ensues, while the influential and powerful person walks out of the room leaving tensions to build.

The Wiki Leaks were no mistake. If those leaks were not calculated then it was pure Divine intervention, and it was the hand of God exposing the truth. As much as I believe in God, I also believe in power plays, and the Wiki Leaks scandal looks like classic power plays to pit people against one another by an excellent puppeteer. The United States has no qualms in sacrificing anyone for the greater good/goal. I write all this as a citizen of this country who had to see that even today with all the information available that secrets are kept, and that people like me are used for the greater goal. There are not many people inside or outside of this country that would challenge the police or the FBI on their own, as I have. I have committed no crime, yet I can be subjected to high harassment. Thanks you to all those who voted for the Patriot Act (sarcasm). I'm in America where I can take on the authorities at my own risk as a right, not everyone around the world has such a privilege, and I know that, but it still has a price to use.

How many of you could be followed everywhere you went 24 hours a day by teams of people only to go to law enforcement to find out that they are in on it? How many of you could walk into an FBI office only to find out that your reason for coming is known before you give your report, and then you are told no one is going to help you? Who among you would continue to fight for your freedoms when clearly the odds are above you and people in power are opposed to helping you? What would any of you do if someone threatened your life, not in words, but in the act of trying to kill you, yet the authorities look the other way? How many of you could walk in my shoes? Lucky for all of you, most of you will never have to, because I am willing to tell all the truth behind the lies, and how the game is played, all the way down to it's players to help spread some awareness.

I'm the one who has lost and sacrificed a lot just to be here writing this. None of you know me, but you know my works, words, and thoughts by way of others who have found my words, works, and thoughts useful to their endeavors. This crime has happened to others, but not quite like it has happened to me.

My wall states that I am suicidal, but not that I am afraid. I fear nothing and no one. I will kill myself not because I am filled with shame, remorse, fear or sadness, but because I refuse to live a life where others have the power to continue to sacrifice my life for there quest. I will not live my life as a research pet, and I'm sure that if any one of you walked in my shoes you would have similar feelings. But, I also never said if I would be the only one partaking in the departure.

None of you have walked in my shoes, and I know that because of this, it is easy to judge me in my words and my actions. Surely I am the one to be judged here, as I have put my life out in the open to help save others. Maybe I am stupid to care so much for strangers that I am willing to expose my experience in order to bring the deeds done in darkness into the light, so that there are no more victims.

Yes, maybe my desire to help others to avoid what I have gone through is my biggest mistake. Maybe I should never have come to the Internet to spread information about things that are meant to remain unknown to the public. Only could you truly ever know by experience, and believe it or not I love all of you more than that, even though I know many of you are only here to see me die. And, don't worry, you will get your wish soon enough.

I am anonymous because I too represent the thousands of anonymous victims of this psychological and physical crime. I don't want people to get caught up in the trivial (race/religion/etc) and not see the true cause. I will step out of the shadows soon, as I am no coward. I don't want anyone to experience my experience or know the hurt that I do by whatever means it takes.

Before I die, I will, in someway, make this world a better place than it is now. Something significant is going to take place very soon, and I hope you are all around to see it, and I hope you choose the right side.

Those good of heart and mind always hold more power than those who are not. If your heart is with God or at least your actions are pure (if you don't follow God) please do what you can beyond yourself to make this world a place where evil has no place to hide, as we are all here together. There are a lot of voices to be heard, and so many are speaking the same words, saying the differences really are much smaller than all the similarities we share. There is only one human race, and we must all finish it together.