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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gangstalking: The World's Worst Prank

I have mentioned gangstalking, and I want to explain briefly what it is. Gangstalking is a hoax and a prank that's out of control. The five or so original websites on gangstalking were created by my perpetrators to harass me and make me look like an ass if I sought help, because an important part of my story is wrapped in that mess, and people have become familiar with gangstalking.

Is gangstalking the work of Scientologist, Masons, aliens, Madonna, or the CIA as so many of the newer sites have claimed? HELL NO! Well, maybe Madonna. LOL

The practice of gangstalking isn't new to the human race. It's actually based on the simple principle known as "I don't like you". It's a child's game on steroids. If you tell twenty people that Tommy ate a booger, and nobody knows Tommy or saw Tommy eat the booger, then Tommy can be successfully declared a booger eater! Now, you have the main principle of gangstalking, except in gangstalking Tommy didn't just eat the booger someone recorded Tommy scratching his nose from a bad angle edited it with an entirely different shot of Tommy touching his lip thus producing evidence that Tommy eats boogers.

Yeah, I know this is a stupid description, but I'm describing something stupid and dangerous. When the sites were created that was one thing, but now that so many people have latched on to the sites it's dangerous. More and more websites are being created based on this hoax. The websites give people bad ideas to use, that if done correctly, will destroy a person's life.

So, what kind of idiot would create these sites. Well...this person knows me pretty well, because they and their little funky friends have loved spying on me and stalking me. But, the game got out of control and too many other people got involved. Every time I revealed something about the game in order to get help from law enforcement, a new website was created with my real revelations along side fake testimonies of mind control, aliens and other bullshit nonsense. So much of the gangstalking websites are crap! The craziest part of it is that people actually try this mess!

The true tactics of gangstalking are not in any of the websites, and I am glad. I don't even want to go into detail about the subject myself for fear of inspiring some moral degenerate to go out and try it on the next person that crosses them.

Someone wanted to teach me a lesson, and they did, in human stupidity. Now that gangstalking is out there in cyberspace and growing like a mushroom cloud what can be done? It's now a conspiracy theory and I helped create it without knowing it damn it!

All I can do is to tell people it's a hoax, but it becomes real if you apply it to life. My perpetrators applied it in real life because they were stupid. A wise person knows that all theories should not be tested. Tested? Research connection? Well...after something gets out of control it becomes a party where everyone is invited. Yet, you would think some of the world's best minds and researchers would have seen a fault in this shit. No, they played along. BAD F*CKING CALL!

A moral psychologist would not participate in such nonsense, you might think, but nobodies perfect. If you take an oath to uphold moral and ethical standards then you don't play the game. Here's to the morality of David, Kate, Jeff, Karen, Jonel, and so many other knowledgeable psychologist who lent their talents, facilities, and good names to this cause. I'm using first names now, but I will give last names when I tell the many ways that these psychologist violated their professions.

So that's about it for now. Below is a list of links to gangstalking websites. I even found one where someone posted about gangstalking on Oprah's site like four days ago. Coincidence?


  1. U decide wether or not it is gangstalking!!!!

    Private company may have way too much power over the government AND PEOPLE.

    Remember not to use guilty by association...


  2. rly? I have read 2 paragraphs I knew those sites where hokie psycho babble but what else is out there? The is little docmentation to to prove claims and manipulation is manipulation that is the real issue I hope you know there is a way "out of the woods" so to speak have none of your gang members made that clear to you? No not death or conformity will do that is the easy way not the work that you must do to alievate your situation good luck I hope you find your way

    1. A church group may have been used to target you based on your beliefs...but not all people are targeted by church groups the handlers will watch you and gather info until the can find some bias to use against you then send out a mob of stalkers who are anti-whatever they have found or lied about ..Many churches are in on gangstalking and going to church for most people won't end it.

    2. No church group did this. Handler is a term that is not normal, and as I understand it applies to snitches and informants who are manipulated to work for the FBI. I have never been an informant or a snitch for the FBI, so handler does not apply in my case. Maybe it does in yours.

  3. As for the above links posted 02/22/11 by anonymous on "u decide wether or not it is Gsngstalking!!!", I personally do not back the validity of any of this. I checked the links but the validity of the sites was a concern for me. I usually prefer my sources come from more valid websites as collateral. If any of what the links were stating are truly valid than these stories would have been posted in the New York Times or Washington Post, and seeing that that has not been the case I will say that those three links posted by anonymous are inconclusive as valid information and likely to be just more disinformation to discredit what I'm trying to do here. Anyone who looks at those links should do so discerningly.

    Now as for the second anonymous comment of 06/15/11, I am not in the "woods" and I am not a member of a "gang", so I'm not sure why you stated "gang members". Possibly your error was in stopping after two paragraphs before you made an uninformed comment. Stalkers do not approach victims with ways to get out and this is not a gang or gang innicuation. Also i can bet that you too are a stalker and one of those who push disinformation in order to cover this lame hoax that hides a hideous truth. I can only imagine how ignorant the comments to my blog would be if I did not have moderator set.

  4. Nothing remains hidden forever, all will be revealed. I have been gangstalked for the past 13 years and my gangstalkers have told me from the beginning: They are Christians. Of course I have been called crazy, delusional etc. But that's exactly what they want. Declare us all crazy, so they can get on with their ajenda: Denigrate, Violate, Eliminate.

  5. Dear Anonymous (why does everyone post anonymously?),
    I can confirm for you that all gangstalkers are not Christians. Many of my stalkers were non Christians, such as Jews, Atheist, Agnostics etc. If most of your stalkers were appearing as Christians to you than that was what you were being conditioned to be sensitized to. There are millions of Christians in the world, and you are probably not Christian, I'm guessing. Without knowing more about your situation I can't tell you why you were targeted, but I can tell you that people of all religious backgrounds are involved in Gangstalking. Christians just seem to heed the call to stalk more often than other groups in America, because there are so many of them here.

  6. I did not say all of my gang stalkers are Christian, but they sure want me to become one, you figure it out. No, Im not a Christian. I'm an Atheists.

    I do know that they recruit from anywhere,
    Ive been stalked by drug dealers, gang members,
    teachers and principles.

    Are you saying that Christians do not Gang Stalk?

  7. I'm being gangstalked by medical people. They are "christians" too. I'ts been several yrs now since my harrassment began. They've ruined my relationships. And they are supposedly "helping" types of people. Caring.... right yeah.... Abusers that's all they are. Mentally stunted and over paid. They may be "professionals" but they have the mentality of a 10 yr old bully. My neighbors are spying too. And doing weird stuff - i.e. vandalism to my yard and car - broken glass on my car. I think psychology is out of control and I think that so called : Christians : are a joke. They go to their churches and look important while in public they harrass and humiliate people. Idiots. noooooo class!

  8. Gangstalking is real, they have been doing it to our family and friends for many generations. The government is in on it and we are bullied by cops, firemen, city hall, social services, postal workers, librarians, doctors, nurses, neighbors, etc. It follows you everywhere, no matter where you move or how many times you move. It never ends. There is some sort of list the victims end up on for some reason.

  9. Well Anonymous, seeing as it is your problem you will have to "figure it out" for yourself. I can only tell you that people from all walks of life and all religions are a part of gang stalking. In my previous response I said Christians do gang stalk as do Jews, Atheists, Agnostics and all religions. The crime pulls people from all walks of life to engage in things they don't understand.

  10. Gang stalking is a hate crime with an agenda. If you really want to understand gangstalking you should look into CIA tactics and psyops to understand how easy it is to turn unwitting individuals against each other for an agenda. Christians aren't your true problem, but that may be the most abundant group in your proximity. ;)

  11. Anonymous its funny, I didn't actually get gang stalked until I moved.